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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Earning Guide

This is a guide to earning cash online. It contains several helpful hints, tips, and strategies to keep you earning cash online safely. Earning money online will be much easier as long as you follow our guide.

Be sure to check back every once in a while for additions and updates to the guide:

1. The Basic
Use a valid email address - You will always want to have a valid email address to use when you sign up to a Pay To site. This is so that the website can contact you with inquiries about your account if needed. Also, some PTC sites require a valid email in order for your payments to be accepted. Another thing you will need your email address for is your payment processing site. >>> MORE INFO

2. How to not get scammed
Here are a few simple things to prevent getting scammed.
Follow them closely, they are very accurate and will help you in the long run.

a. Don't Join Non-Customized Sites
When finding a new site, look at the layout, is it good, or bad?
This may not seem like a key factor, but it most definately is.
If the layout is very bad(visually), they probably didn't put much time into it.
This means they either can't design, or just don't care.
Also if they are running the same old "bux" layout with a new banner, keep away.
You want to find a site that is custom and in it for the long haul.
If they were in it for the long haul they would make their site unique. >>> MORE INFO

3. Gaining Referrals
Your part of a PTC and your trying to get people to join using your ref link, sounds easy enough but you realise eventually that there are many other people in the same situation trying to get people to join via their ref links also, so how do you get an edge above the rest? Follow some of these tips and your sure to have some more ref's in no time. >>> MORE INFO


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