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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How to Register?

All the applications listed on our webpage offer advertisements, but in order to get paid for viewing the advertisements you will have register for each application!

You can register by clicking on registration buttons "SIGN UP", "JOIN", „CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT”, "REGISTER" or "REGISTRATE".
The applications offered by us usually demand three kinds of registration:

1. Registration is initiated after the e-mail is confirmed (as for the application “Bienpagado” on our page). After clicking on the registration button a field appears, where you will have to type your e-mail address and click ”CONTINUE”. You will receive a registration link via e-mail. By clicking this link you will be transferred to the application’s homepage where you will be required to give more details and then the registration is finished. You will be able to log in with the chosen login name and password.

2. After you give the required data, you will be asked to confirm your e-mail address and to activate your account (for example with the help of the PopularBux application on our webpage). More fields appear after clicking on the registration box, where you will be asked to fill in certain data. Afterwards you will receive an e-mail, and by clicking on the link in the e-mail you can activate your account. Then you will be transferred back to the application’s homepage, where you will be able to log in with the login name and the password you have chosen.

3. Direct registration (for example with the help of the DaddyBux application on our webpage). Neither e-mail confirmation, nor account activation is required. You can log in with the login name and password you have chosen after filling in the required data and the clicking can be started!

The following expressions can turn up during the process of registration:

  • USERNAME: Usually it is 3-15 characters long.
  • PASSWORD or CHOOSE PASSWORD: Usually it is 6 characters long. It is advised to use lower case characters, capitals and numbers as well.
  • CONFIRM PASSWORD or RE-TYPE PASSWORD: You will have to retype the password.
  • E-MAIL ADDRESS: Your e-mail address.
  • CONFIRM E-MAIL ADDRESS: You will be asked to retype your e-mail address.
  • E-MAIL ADDRESS FOR PAYMENTS or PAYMENT ACCOUNT ID: The e-mail address you have given for your account.
  • COUNTRY or YOUR COUNTRY: You can choose the name of your country usually from a scroll down menu.
  • REFERRER or UPLINE: The login name of the user from who you became acquainted with the application. In the case of our homepage it is our login names: cebez2007 or indirabandi. Please do not delete our login names during your registration. It won’t be a disadvantage for you, if you register under our names, but it is advantageous for us. If you delete our names, you will be registered under someone else, who did not make any effort for you to become acquainted with the application. It sounds as a cliché, but do as you feel right.
  • I ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICE or I AGREE TO THE TERMS: It is necessary to click on this field in order to end registration.
  • SECURITY CODE or VERIFICATION: The security code appears near to the field. You will have to type the code into the field.
  • SEND E-MAILS TO: You can come across with it at PTR applications. You will have to choose where the advertisements to pay for should be sent by the application. The usual choices from a scroll down menu: Site Inbox & eMail (e-mails are sent to both the e-mail address given in the application and to another given e-mail address), eMail (only to a given e-mail address) and Site Inbox (only to the e-mail address given in the application).
  • STATE: If it does not appear in the scroll down menu, choose N/A, and usually you will be able to type in your State’s name under ”OTHER”.
  • PAYMENT METHOD: Usually you can choose it from a scroll down menu.
  • INTERESTS: It is limited in some web pages. Choosing Delete Me I Cheat --- I Can not Read English --- Donation --- If You Click This Link, I Delete You --- If You Click, Then Your Account Reduced $3 may result in deleting your account!
Naturally you won’t come across with all the above listed expressions at all applications, but you will have to fill in all that appear. We suggest neglecting special characters during registration.

After filling in the requested data you will have to click ”REGISTER”, ”JOIN”, ”JOIN NOW”, ”SUBMIT”, ”BECOME A MEMBER” or ”SEND VERIFICATION MAIL” buttons, depending on the application.

After registration click ”LOGIN” or ”SIGN IN”, and type in your login name (may be your e-amil address at some pages) and password (some pages may require a verification code as well). Click ”LOGIN” or ”SIGN IN” again, and EARN MONEY FOR FREE!

WARNING!: You could register only one account from your IP address, otherwise your account would be deleted!


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