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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What is PTC?

PTC (Paid To Click) sites are such free applications, where you get money if you click to a certain link or banner. PTC sites are often PTR (Paid To Read) pages as well. PTR sites are also free, and you can get money, if you read the e-mails that they send you and if you click on the link(s) that they contain. The values of such banners, links and e-mails depend on the application.

As you have to give your e-bank identification during the registration, you should start with creating of an e-bank account. (The process of opening of an account is described under PAYPAL!) All the applications we offer use PayPal for payment. Contrary to other e-bank account, with PayPal you can transfer the money you have earned directly to your account, while with e-gold for example a third company is necessary, which will deduct a certain amount at each money transfer.

Before you decide on which application to join, please register to the chosen companies and collect them to one location under “Favourites” in your browser. (The process of registration is described under REGISTRATION!) Please do not delete our login names (usually cebez2007 or indirabandi) during your registration.

By saving your login name and password with your browser you can notably reduce the time of entering the site. It is advisable to use the same login name and password at all PTC pages, because otherwise you will get confused after the 10th occasion.

After you have entered a site into which you have registered previously, before starting clicking always verify that you are logged in. If you are not logged in, please log in with the login name and the password you have chosen, otherwise you will not get any money for the clicks.

After logging in you will find the list of advertisements you will have to click under "Click for Cash", "Earnings Area", "How to Earn", "Surf Ads", "Browse Ads", ”Paid to Click” or a ”View Ads”, depending on the application.

After clicking on a link or banner, an advertisement appears, usually in a new window. After the advertisement examination time has elapsed, a notice appears informing you about whether you will receive your reward for viewing the advertisement. This can be money, point or other kind of reward (for example a click for another click), which depends on the application used. The points can be converted into cents under 'Converter'. In some cases four numbers may appear in the right or left upper corner of the page after the counter stops, and you may have to click on the number required by the site, or on a small icon with „credit me” or „pay me” in order to get paid.

After clicking all the banners or links in most cases you will have to wait for 24 hours for the links to reactivate. It is advised to visit PTC sites more times a day, since you links may appear for a short period. After clicking all the links it is useful to refresh the page, because new links may have appeared during the time of clicking.

The counters used on these pages usually stop after 3-60 seconds. The more time an advertisement requires, the more it pays.

PTC is not hard work, but you have to be careful with the so called Cheat Links. This means, that the owners of the site would like to filter those visitors, who do not understand English, or who do not pay attention and therefore click without reading the messages. Therefore false banners are intermixed with advertisements and clicking onto them results in money deduction or even all the money may disappear from the account. The manner of punishment depends on the company. Hence you should not click on links that are labeled with "Cheat link", "Don't click it" or „I can’t read” notes.

In case an exclamation mark or a question mark appears instead of the webpage, then you will have to answer the question correctly in order to get the site loaded and to get your money for it (questions are simple, here are few examples: for question “1+1?” you have to click on “2”, for “Pick Blue” you will have to chose Blue from the list, you will have to answer with “No” for the question “Do you cheat?”, and if the application asks the name of the PTC, you will have to chose the correct answer).

All sites have a disbursement limit that you will have to reach in order get the money transferred on your e-account. You can check the amount of money you have already earned in the account of the application.

Reaching the limit is much easier if you have more people to work for you. PTC pages pay a 5%-100% premium for the clicks of the people (referrals) you have registered. Naturally you will earn more money on such pages that contain more daily advertisements, where you have more referrals and where the premium percentage is higher.

After reaching the disbursement limit most of the sites pay on e-accounts. Some pages may send a cheque if required.

You can buy referrals on more sites. If you are lucky, you will get active members who will help you to earn more money. We do not recommend you to pay money to any application for their service, but some people may advise the opposite, and it is your decision after all.

Most PTC applications require regular logging in and regular use (i.e. clicking on all of the list items). Being absent for few days or even for 1-2 weeks is not a big problem, but if you do not log in for more than 30 days, then you will become an inactive member, and you may be deleted from the registered users. If it happens, you will loose all the money you have earned up to that point, so be very cautious!

The offers presented on our homepage will not make you rich quickly and all require work in order to get money. However, with constant hard-work you will get disbursements constantly from the third or fourth month. Based on “many a little makes a mickle” with few months of assiduous and constant work you can earn nice sums of money with these applications.


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